The average Licensed Ph. D. Clinical Psychologist charges between $100.00 and $140.00 a session, with the sessions lasting between 45 minutes and 50 minutes.

That stated, we can discuss fees and insurance.

When insurance companies are involved, the fee for my services is fixed at a lower rate.  This is the nature of being contracted  (in network, an insurance company provider)  This is good for the client for obvious reasons.   The insurance company pays a certain percentage or a fixed rate per session.  The client pays the co-pay, and if established, a deductible.  You can contact your insurance company and discuss the coverage for out-patient, in office, psychotherapy with a Licensed, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist.   Or if you prefer, I can do this for you.  I know the procedure and could expedite the process.

If the client does not have insurance or does not wish to use his or her insurance, the fee can be arranged by the client and therapist.  In this case, you and I would discuss the fee and come to an agreement before the first session (on the phone).  My standard fee is $110.00.   I will consider a sliding scale if the client is in need of therapy and does not have sufficient funds.  Hopefully being a therapist involves some understanding and compassion.

Sessions would be 60 minutes in length.  I can see no good reason for reducing the hour long therapy session that was once standard.   It takes
this long to sink fully into the conversation.

If you have further questions regarding fees and payment, please feel free to call me on my office phone at 919-967-0331.

Thank You,

Robert Lawson, Ph.D.
Fees & Insurance
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