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Welcome to my homepage.  I've constructed this website in order to help you get a better sense of who I am, how I think, and how my work as a therapist may help you. I have attempted to present a comprehensive overview of my thoughts on various psychological issues and my intervention strategies.  Choosing a therapist who is right for you is often a challenging task.  I encourage you to read my biography and philosophy in the hope that my self-disclosure will help guide you in your decision making process.   In this website you'll learn about me; in therapy we'll talk about you. 

I appreciate the human race, and after 30 years of work in the field, I feel confident as a therapist.  I enjoy each new client on the level of human interaction, and because this work affords me the opportunity of actually helping someone with his or her problems in living.
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Clinical Psychologist - Pyschotherapist
Robert W. Lawson, Ph.D.